Get Transit Benefits for Your Team

With the HOLO Employer Program, your employees can ride TheBus and Skyline with pretax deductions.

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Select the employees who are eligible to participate in your HOLO Employer Program. Then, decide how much money you'd like to add to each employee's HOLO card.

You can provide employees with a subsidy or a pre-tax benefit. Your employees can also add their own money to their HOLO cards, based on their personal travel needs.

Fees can be added into your pre-tax employee payroll deductions. You can change your elections monthly.

Purchase and load HOLO cards with your desired value through your institutional account.

Then, distribute the HOLO cards to your eligible employees who want to ride TheBus or Skyline.

Use your institutional account to view HOLO card balances, reload cards, or change the amount loaded onto cards from month to month.

If any of your employees loses the HOLO card you provided them, you can get a free replacement card through your online account.

"Our experience with HOLO has been exceptional. The online platform for purchasing transit passes is incredibly user-friendly, streamlining the process for our employees. Their customer service team has also been amazing — always prompt, helpful, and eager to assist with any inquiries or issues. We appreciate their commitment to making transportation effortless and reliable for our team at Central Pacific Bank."

— Lead HR Administrator, Central Pacific Bank

Convenient and affordable transportation makes everything better.

Better Finances

Public transit is often more affordable than owning and maintaining a personal vehicle. Employees who take TheBus or Skyline will save on fuel, parking, maintenance, and insurance.

More Parking

With fewer employees driving in to work, there's less demand for parking. That means you can reduce your parking infrastructure expenses and increase your savings.

Safer Roads & Air

Using TheBus or Skyline can improve air quality and mitigate climate change by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, less cars on the road means less traffic!

More Opportunities

For people who may not have access to a personal vehicle, public transit can extend access to employment opportunities and make your company a more equitable, inclusive place.

Healthier Employees

By walking to and from bus stops and train stations every day, your employees will easily increase their physical activity, which has been shown to improve overall health.

Happier Employees

Instead of spending 30+ minutes driving through rush hour traffic, employees can spend their commute time reading, working, or relaxing, which can increase job satisfaction and work-life balance.


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