IN PERSON: Get a new Adult card or load any existing card at 50+ locations across Oahu.

ONLINE: Get a new Adult card by creating an account and selecting "Order Cards." Reload any existing card by selecting "Add Value & Passes."

Goodbye Bus Pass, Hello HOLO!
On July 1st, the HOLO Card will replace your bus pass.

Don't wait! Get your card now so you can holoholo.


Go anywhere.

Tap your HOLO card on TheBus to pay for your transit ride anywhere on the island of Oahu.

Simplify your travel.

Load money onto your HOLO card online, using your phone, and at local retailers. No need to hassle with cash.

Earn a day pass.

Pay for two trips in one day and automatically earn a day pass. That means you get to ride free all day!

Set it to autoload.

Activate autoload to reload your card with more funds when it's running low. Or you can set it to autoload a certain amount every month.

Manage many cards.

For families or others who need to manage multiple cards, you can link additional cards to your account using its serial code.

Transfer lost cards.

Once you create an account, you'll never have to worry about a lost card again! Simply cancel the lost card online and then transfer the balance to your new card.

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