What are the fare changes?


When are fares changing?

Fares will change on Friday, July 1, 2022.


Why are fares changing?

From time to time, the City changes fares to make sure O‘ahu’s transit system remains reliable and sustainable.
Bill 89 (now Ordinance 21-7), which proposed changing fares for TheBus and TheHandi-Van, was approved in 2020.

Please see this City press release to learn more.


When did the City decide to make these changes?

These fare changes have been publicly announced since the City Council approved Bill 89 in 2020.


Does the public get any say in these fare changes?

The Honolulu Rate Commission gathers feedback from the public before the bill is enacted via:
Letters, email, and in-person testimonies.


Do people 100 years or older still ride free?

Yes, people 100 years or older can ride TheBus for free with a HOLO Centenarian Card.


Do children still ride for free?

One child 5 years and under can ride for free, as long as the child is:
1. Accompanied by a fare-paying adult, and
2. Not occupying a seat.


Are transfers still free?

Yes, as long as you use your HOLO card on the initial bus ride and when transferring,
and the transfer takes place within 2.5 hours.


If I leave Oahu, can I get a refund on the remaining money on my HOLO card?

No, unfortunately you cannot get a refund on the money you’ve added to your HOLO card.
All sales are final, except in cases where they system has malfunctioned.


Can I earn a day, month, or annual pass by paying cash to ride TheBus?

No, you must use funds from your HOLO Card in order to earn passes.
The HOLO Card tracks how much you’ve spent riding TheBus, and automatically gives you
a day, month, or annual pass once you’ve spent the amount of a pass.


If I'm only a few dollars or cents away from earning a pass, will I need to pay full fare for my next ride?

No, you’ll only pay up to the amount of the pass.

For example: If you have an Adult HOLO Card and spend $78 of fare on your card in a month,
your next ride will only cost $2 to reach the Adult Month Pass price of $80.
Once you reach $80, you ride the rest of the month for free!


How does fare capping work?

Here’s how fare capping works:

Every time you pay for a ride, that money will count toward a day, month, and annual pass.
Once you spend the amount of a pass, you automatically get to ride for free for the duration of that pass.

For example, if you want to earn a Senior Month Pass:
Simply ride and pay your fare until you spend $20 (that’s about 16 rides, not including free transfers).
Once you earn the pass, you ride the rest of the month for free!

Month and annual passes start at the beginning of the calendar month or year, and expire at the end of the calendar month or year.
Please keep in mind that the earliest you can buy a month pass is 10 days before the start of the month.


Who do I go to if I have questions or need help?

Email Info@HOLOcard.net, or call the HOLO Helpline
at (808) 768-4656, Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm.

Visit TheBus.org, in-person at TheBus Pass Office at the Kalihi Transit Center,
or call (808) 848-5555, Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm.